Better Leaders. Better Medicine.

How do better leaders make medicine better? They motivate and engage their teams, build trusting relationships, treat employees fairly and with respect, and make the tough decisions when needed. BILD provides a multitude of opportunities for leaders to learn and practice essential leadership skills.

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leaderGPS is a resource for leaders to benefit their team's growth.

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Emerging Leaders

In today’s collaborative healthcare environment, work is completed in teams, and leadership is based more on influence than authority. Leading through influence is an art.


Cause Mapping
In this three-day session, participants will learn that the Cause Mapping method is an extremely effective systems-
thinking approach to root cause analysis that improves the way people collect and organize information. Cause Mapping
is used by front line employees and management to prevent problems and improve results. Participants will learn basic
skills to simplify root cause analysis, incident investigation and group problem solving facilitation.

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Accelerating Change & Transitions™
This 2.5-day session will help BJC leaders understand the Accelerating Change & Transitions™ model and the tools associated with the seven change elements (Leading the Way, Creating a Shared Urgency, Focusing the Vision, Building Coalitions & Commitment, Charting Transition Roadmap, Aligning Systems & Structures and Sustaining Momentum). Tollgating for acceptance is also covered.

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Facilitation Skills for Leaders
This 1.5-day session is intended for individuals who are responsible for facilitating teams and meetings. Participants will learn how to facilitate in order to more effectively achieve desired outcomes. Topics include Team Dynamics, Essential Facilitation, Advocacy & Inquiry, Process Tools (brainstorming, evaluating, deciding), Disruptive Behavior Interventions and Planning Effective Meetings.

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KT Problem Solving and Decision Making
This Problem Solving and Decision Making class is based on Kepner-Tregoe’s (KT) four rational processes for Situation Appraisal, Decision Analysis, Potential Problem/Opportunity Analysis and Problem Analysis. It has been adopted by BJC’s executive leadership and is identified as a core competency for transformational efforts.

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New Leaders

Is there a difference between managing and leading? Yes! A manager does things right. A leader does the right thing. Count on BILD to help you begin your leadership journey successfully.


StartingLine is a two-day program for managers designed to help them start on the right foot by learning the right things to do and the best way to do them. In this program, managers learn to build trust and productive relationships, treat employees consistently, fairly and in compliance with employment law, set and communicate expectations, initiate conversations to reinforce or redirect performance and document these conversations.

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Proactive Employee Relations
Engaging our employees and teams helps make medicine better. As managers, we have the greatest impact on the engagement of our people. In this course, managers learn why an engaged workforce is critical to our success, our philosophy about positive and proactive employee relations, how to best engage employees so they remain confident in our leadership and how to address third-party situations.

We also provide an online refresher course. The PERs Refresher offers reminders about the “7 Actionable Leadership Skills” and other skills learned in the instructor-led Proactive Employee Relations (PERs) program.

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Existing Leaders

There are lots of reasons to continue to develop your leadership skills. How can BILD help you? By providing you with a toolbox filled with ways to lead change, to manage performance, and to build and motivate your team.


Leading at the Speed of Trust
This course is designed to help managers balance the needs of employees, patients and customers while staying on top of the demands of the job. In this course, managers learn to develop organization and execution skills, organize work the way their brain naturally processes information and manage workflow through the collect-process-organize-review-do model.

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Crucial Conversations as Leaders
Open and candid discussions and relationships are critical to the success of all teams and make all the difference for our patients and customers. Openness and candor also help create workplaces where employees believe it is safe to speak up.

Holding Crucial Conversations is not always easy to do, especially when opinions vary, emotions run strong and the stakes are high. When handled poorly or ignored, these situations cause teams and HSOs to get less-than-desirable results. This program provides the people manager with tools, knowledge and practice to not only have these conversations, but to handle them more effectively for better results.

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Goal Deployment Seminar
BJC has implemented a management process designed to execute strategy in a disciplined and rigorous way that promotes focus, alignment and accountability. It originated from "Hoshin Kanri" which is the combination of both long-range "hoshin planning" and its daily counterpart, known as "nijiro kanri“ or daily management. Each year our leaders develop a goal deployment process (GDP) package that consists of:

• 3-5 year Breakthrough Objectives
• Annual Objectives
• Top Level Improvement Priorities (which may cascade to a second level)
• "black dot" owners
• Targets to Improve dashboard
• Key Performance Indicator dashboard

This Goal Deployment Seminar is intended to provide the training associated with this methodology as well as examples of real GDP packages throughout BJC. It is a required session for any members across BJC that will be participating in a "refresh" session who have not received the training in the past (training was included in the original 2-day launch sessions when a leader started the GDP program - but is not included in 1-day Annual Refresh sessions).

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Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em
Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em offers practical, quick, and effective ways to help make sure your team members don’t feel the need to look elsewhere for a great place to work. As you retain team members, your turnover will decrease, which increases engagement, which decreases turnover – becoming an upward cycle of enabled, energized, and engaged team members. This program provides knowledge, tools, and an action planning process to apply the program concepts. You’ll be able to measure the impact of these efforts through the next Employee Engagement Survey, along with optional pulse surveys.

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5 Languages of Appreciation at Work
The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work course helps you embrace and enhance a culture of appreciation and individualize approaches to demonstrating your appreciation of team members. This course providesan overview of the importance of appreciation, tools to help you “speak their language” of appreciation in a way that is meaningful,and techniques to address barriers or obstacles that can get in the way of effective appreciation.

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Consultation Services

The BILD team offers a variety of services including designing customized workshops focused on your team’s specific needs, presenting topics at staff and leader retreats. Learn more about these services by clicking here.