Microsoft Word 2013 is a word processing software that allows you to create and edit text documents. You can type simple letters, essays or research or use your creative skills to build a newsletter or calendar.  You can start with blank documents or work from pre-configured templates for projects with frequently used formats. 

We offer a full-day Foundations class called Word 2013 Basic Skills that will get you started understanding the basics of entering, editing, and formatting text using a Word document.

When you understand the basics of creating and saving a document, then attend our 2 half-day Focus classes that focus on specific features within Word.

To sign up for a class, simply logon to the Online Learning Center and type Word Foundation or Word Focus in the Search box.  Once you find the class, click View Classes to see a list of available dates and times.



CLASS NAME Description Class Manual and File –
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BILD Word 2013 Foundation:
Basic Skills

Learn the basics of of entering, formatting and printing text in a word processing environment.  Explore quick ways to edit text and format paragraphs and how to align text using tabs, indents and tables.   Review how to setup  a document to print including page numbers. Word 2013 Basic Skills Manual

BILD Catalog Class File

BILD Word 2013 Focus:
Formatting a Document

Explore how to manage larger formatting documents using Styles, breaks, and creative Headers and Footers.  Review how to insert and format several types of graphics that can be added including pictures, smartart, screen clips and how to wrap text around these objects. Word 2013 Formatting a Doc Manual

Word 2013 Formatting a Doc Class File

BILD Word 2013 Focus:
Organizing a Document

Learn how to better organize and search your document information by using Styles, Navigation Pane, Backstage View and the Quick Access toolbar.  Explore now to insert and manage a table and how to build your own Quick Parts Library to access text you use daily. Word 2013 Organizing a Doc Manual

Word 2013 Org a Doc – Class File