Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is a software that is designed to create electronic presentations that include slides with graphics, text and even audio and video.  It is an important software to understand for many BJC jobs that need to present ideas or share other types of  information at a meeting.

We offer a full-day Foundations class called PowerPoint 2013 Basic Skills that will get you started understanding the basics of building slides, inserting text and graphics, managing presentation organization and outputting your file as an electronic show and printed handout.

When you understand the basics of building a simple presentation, then attend our 2 half-day Focus classes that focus on specific features for presenters or creators or presentations.

To sign up for a class, simply logon to the Online Learning Center and type PowerPoint Foundation.



CLASS NAME Description Class Manual and File –
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BILD PPT 2013 Foundation:
Basic Skills

Build a basic slide presentation that includes text and graphics.  Explore ways to change the slide layout, format the objects within one slide or the Slide Master.  Review ways to view and print a presentation. PPT 2013 Basic Skills Manual

PPT Basic Skills Class File

BILD PPT 2013 Focus:
PPT for Presenters

Explore ways to make sharing your presentation more interesting using Presenters View and review shortcuts when using Slide Show.  Explore ways to run audio and video and how to record a screen.  PPT 2013 Focus PPT For Presenters Manual

BILD PPT 2013 Focus:
PPT for Creators

Learn how to build your own templates and design themes and create your own layout options in Slide Master.  Master how to create and control an animation sequence using the Animation Pane.  PPT 2013 Focus – PPT For Creators Manual

Standard BJC PowerPoint Templates

 PowerPoint is used everyday in meetings across our BJC System.  It is important that BJC employees employees use standard PowerPoint templates to promote our professional image.  These templates are available with the Creative Services website.  This website also contains a Graphic Standards handbook that explains the proper uses of our BJC corporate and individual hospital logos.

 Below is a BILD Microsoft Minute handout and video that explains how to download and use the BJC standard PPT templates.  Simply click the handout to download the file.