Microsoft OneNote 2013 is a software that allows you collect information from any source, organize it into a structured notebook and give you tools to easily search and retrieve the information.  You can link and attached files, record audio at meetings, and share it with others in your department.  It is an important software to understand to help you stay organized when tracking information for your team.

Although you will see some similarities to other Microsoft software, OneNote’s file structure and automatic saving (syncing) feature is unique.

We offer a full-day Foundations class called OneNote 2013 Basic Skills that will get you started building your first notebook.

You can also request a OneNote one-hour Demonstration at your next team or department meeting so that better understand how OneNote can keep you and your team organized.



Class Name Class Description Class Files

OneNote 2013
Tech Talk

1-hour Demo to takes your team on a tour of the benefits of storing and sharing resources in OneNote. For more information contact Kris Jorstad –  Tech Talk – OneNote 2013

BILD OneNote 2013 Foundation:
Basic Skills

Full-day Hands On Class that takes you through the steps of building and
saving a OneNote Notebook. The afternoon section of the class  provides class time to build and customize your notebook system.
BILD One Note 2013 Basic Skills